14 Jan 2011

Photo A Day 2011 | January 5

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I have made it 4 days into January.  I know it isn’t January 4th and you probably won’t believe me but I am not behind.  I am actually an over achiever at this point.  On some days, I have more than one picture and I am thrilled.  Should I stock pile it for later in the year?   Ha.  I would do something like that.  So, remember that I mentioned “hitting the ground and running” in my first post for Photo A Day?  We got off the plane and dropped my son at preschool on the way home-I mean what says “hitting the ground and running” like that?  : )  We had not seen our house since Christmas day so coming home to the unopened gifts was a treat.  My daughter kept herself busy discovering what she didn’t pay attention to the first time around and voila, that left me with time to catch up with emails.  Oh my goodness the emails. So, routine was back in order which meant schedules and commitments.  So, Day 5 brings me to swimming lessons at Angelfish Swimming

Girl in swimming poolShe is a fantastic swimmer and her swim teacher  (and me, but I don’t count because I am just mom) has tried to convince her that she needs to take swim to the next level.  She is a natural.  BUT this kid goes where the friends go. Angelfish Swimming in Kirkland, WA is a year-round facility with an amazing story!   There are no guaranteed friends at swim team in the winter time.  : (  Much to my disappointment, she has decided that she will not swim for a little while.  Shall I vent a little right here about children and hobbies/talents/lessons?  What is the right way to handle these sorts of things?  I tried force with piano and I learned a very uncomfortable and frustrating lesson-I will just say that forcing is not the way with her…  I really want her to stick with something!  Darn. Anyhow, swimming and schedules and life has resumed, minus the swim lessons.  : )  She is ready for violin she says.

I have loved my project!  I love having my camera and anticipating moments-or waiting for something that strikes me.  This documenting thing is not all that bad.

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