28 Dec 2010

Dirty at the junkyard | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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Talk about energy!  He had energy oozing out from him.  I tried to keep up but you see, I am much older.  : (  He is so handsome and so is his mother.  Ok, not handsome but gorgeous.  When we met at the junkyard, I knew that he would be interested in everything!  His hands show that he did indeed play and probably climbed on some things that haven’t been touched in years.  I loved it… no fear-just curiosity!  The nice man who owns this junkyard brought out a bucket of water and some Tide soap so he could clean up.  Now, that is a hostest with the mostest!



3 Responses to “Dirty at the junkyard | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer”

  1. Cara says:

    These pictures are fantastic! Where in QC did you take them? I am not a professional photographer, but I do take pictures for family every once in awhile (most of them can’t afford a professional to take their pictures and I have a decent camera so I do it for them). If you don’t give away your secrets that is fine. I am just hoping to find a place like this soon! Thanks

  2. lisa says:

    Cars, it’s no seccret! I just did a post regarding this location. Check the most recent 2 posts and you should find the details there!

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