03 Dec 2010

To be bugged or not to be bugged | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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First of all… GROSS.   BUT I am bugged!  I’m bugged that it is already DECEMBER.  I am bugged that I just got used to writing 2010.  I am bugged that it is too cold to go outside for pictures.  I am bugged that it gets dark at 4:30pm.  BUT, I am in awe at the beauty that surrounds me.  I am not bugged that I get extra cuddly time with my family-staying inside where is it warm.  I am not bugged that with each year I learn more and grow just a tad-hopefully in more ways than one.  I am not bugged that with the early sunset comes early bedtime.  Some things can be looked at in two different ways… bringing something negative along with something sweet.  Bugs on the other hand… I haven’t found the flip side of that yet.


3 Responses to “To be bugged or not to be bugged | Kirkland, WA Photographer”

  1. Jennifer Wyeth says:

    you know, that’s just gross. You live in such a beautiful place and THIS is what you post? REALLY?!? ;)

  2. lisa says:

    yes, I know gross! I felt the same but had to take it. : ( BUT, I am happy to report that the bugs actually live in Indiana. :)

  3. Jennifer Wyeth says:

    Lisa, bad news on the macro… totally worth the money. :) Mine’s a 100L prime macro and, while I don’t use it every day, when I do use it, NOTHING holds a candle to it. I freaking love it!!!

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