02 Dec 2010

Jilly and Mia | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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Let me tell you a story about these two ladies… they are quite the duo and will keep you laughing all afternoon if you let them.  Their talent is exploding, especially when they work together.  They are devoted mothers and wives and always designing or baking something (just ask to see their to-do list)!  The projects are endless and their creations are amazing.  Their thrills come with perfect finds and an opportunity to create a trinket of treasure.   They work together, play together, and celebrate together.  It is quite a pleasure to know these two, and a gift to have them as friends!  To see what they are up to and experience their humor and personalities, you must visit Girls With Good Taste






3 Responses to “Jilly and Mia | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer”

  1. Jennifer Wyeth says:

    Darlng pics. Just one question… what’s with this whole “Mia” thing. I saw that on their blog too. Did I miss something? I’m confused. (obviously)
    p.s. Love the chair!

  2. lisa says:

    Jen, first thing… thanks for following me around out here in blog world! A couple answers for ya: 1. Mia is a joke (I think). She was kidding around about changing her name… She didn’t change it but it stuck for fun. 2. the chair is Minda’s. She has many good finds over there! But you are probably not surprised! 3. thank you for the love on my blog!

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