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Bits and pieces | Kirkland, WA Photographer

Somebody tried this apple, didn’t like the apple, and tossed the apple (and it wasn’t me).  I had to laugh because it could have been me-I would have done this.  The apple didn’t look very good and I am surprised anybody would have tasted it to begin with.  Any how I think of all my […]

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One of many | Seattle, WA Photography

I love what Zack Arias says in his blog.  He is often up front, honest, and so real-life.  He is humble and talented.  His posts are about stuff that everyone thinks about.. he puts words to those thoughts.   He talks about photographs vs. photography, oversaturated markets, his humble start (and failures) and so much more.  […]

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Macro at Volunteer Park (or lack thereof) | Seattle, WA Photography

I can name a million reasons why I want a macro lens.  But here is the deal-my want list is too long.  I wanted to get close but my 50 mm was restricting my access.  I wanted to get details but again my 50 mm said, “NO.”  ARGH!  Why do my lens have to be […]

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