24 Nov 2010

Hiring a cheap photographer | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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I think these are hilarious.  Some nail the moment and how I feel at times.  Should I admit that?  Pricing is a touchy subject, right?  It is hard to assign a price to yourself.  Most of us question ourselves at some point, question our pricing.  There are so many photographers snapping out there, so many styles so many different ways to order a good ‘ol 11×14.   I recently read what Zack Arias wrote on his blog and loved it.  There is a place for every photographer, no matter what our pricing structure may look like.   We all start somewhere and we all grow into something as we keep our business alive.  Part of progressing is learning and understanding the ins and outs of business-the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Inevitably, this knowledge and growth leads to change, sometimes that change is manifested in the pricing structure.  But, as this funny clip says… In the end I suppose we get what we pay for.  : )      (I hate that lesson in life)

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