18 Nov 2010

How is business? | Seattle, WA Photography

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What do you think?  Busy?  I have to be in awe of the dedication and determination of businesses and business owners nowadays.  It is a tough market, a tough time to be in business.  I have a business mind and sometimes can’t turn it off.  I walk into places and when it is empty or mostly empty, my first thought goes something like this, “How can he/she/it afford to be in business?”  When you calculate rent, fees, taxes, and the plethora (love that word) of overhead expenses, it seems like it far outweighs the income being generated.  But, maybe that’s too simple.  Maybe I haven’t studied the passion behind the business?  Maybe I haven’t studied the time they have been in business and the revenues generated (and saved).  It’s just sad to drive by something like Mervyn’s (had to pick that because I remember the store fronts as a kid) and see that it couldn’t survive after how many years?  Businesses are closing all over the place and it’s sad to me!  Businesses are having to make those wretched decisions to let people go-the ones that have dedicated their lives to working.  Businesses are having to cut back, to cut the slack… and well…, make changes.  Change is good-for all of us.  But, first I suppose the storm will be weathered.


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