29 Oct 2010

Patience | Seattle, WA Photography

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I have been challenged-challenged to sit and wait for the shot.  It is easy to overshoot, right?  I want that perfect moment, the emotion behind the shot, the candid, the real, the MOMENT…  But in the meantime, I snap snap snap to get the in between.  I remember watching a little girl wiggle her tooth-I was looking through the viewfinder and I knew it was going to pop out any moment.  I wanted the moment badly-to get the “pop,” it came out moment.  I remember watching through what seemed like my little peep hole.  Then it happened. 

I am trying to be patient, to wait for the moment.  When you see someone or something you just know that moment you are waiting for-the real moment.  It is the moment the camera sees reality-not the push.  Here, on the side of a dock was a spout.  I noticed the slow, oh so very slow, drip.  I loved the contrast when standing above, getting the darkness below and the one small drip of water.  BUT, I had to wait.  DANG water.  I had to learn the rhythm and see what that moment would look like before I knew what I was going after.  There is nothing special about this picture and technically it probably is low on my pole.  BUT I caught the water.  I caught that motion-the moment-I was waiting for.  I was patient and it was so hard to be patient.  I just wanted to continually snap snap snap and hope I get lucky.  ; )  It was like being a proud mamma…, “Everyone look, I got a picture of the dripping water.”   Boring to everyone else but not to me…   Ok, so I am easily entertained, what can I say?


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  1. Jenna says:

    It looks really cool! Congrats on the birth of a water drop.

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