15 Oct 2010

A good dad | Queen Creek, AZ Photography

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He loves his daddy, his daddy loves him.  There’s not much to come between them except for the motorcycle :) I was just happy to capture this moment full of realness.  (I looked at the original version and decided to convert it to black in white because it is timeless and tender.)  


2 Responses to “A good dad | Queen Creek, AZ Photography”

  1. Michelle says:

    i agree with what you said on wendy’s forum… wondering why you weren’t getting comments but then realizing that you don’t leave any on other sites. I do the same thing!

    so….this time i’m leaving a comment! :)

    I love this picture, it’s so sweet!

  2. lisa says:

    Thanks for a comment! Its funny how a little word or two is so uplifting!

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