17 Sep 2010

Monitor calibration | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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Have you ever heard about calibrating your monitor?  This is little me playing softball (or pretending to ) when I was a wee one.  I scanned this picture in and when I saw it my first thought was about calibrating my monitor.  I worked on making it look somewhat “normal” or correct and then wondered how it looked in others’ monitors.  Hopefully one would NOT believe that I look like THAT (excuse the cute hairdo and awesome clothes, I am strictly speaking about skin tones).

There is a little trick called calibrating your monitor.  It is super easy and you can purchase something online for a range of dollars or just Google it and read more about why you may or may not need to calibrate your monitor. (excuse me Tim, I mean bing (my gadget loving, technology guru husband will kindly remind me) The main rig I work on is calibrated and when I order prints, they show up exactly as expected and how it looks on my very own machine.  However, my laptop doesn’t view the same.  When I look through posts on my laptop, the posts have a different tone and appear to be cooler- not as in awesomeness, as in temperture :). So, back to this picture…  obviously it is an old picture and I had to make some adjustments before those red tones killed me.  I’m not sure what these look like on YOUR monitor but I thought it interesting to point out that colors appear differently depending on your monitor.  This was simply an exaggerated example of colors…  : )


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  1. Jenna says:

    I love this picture. Miss Z looks just like you when she does her cheesy grin.

  2. lisa says:

    We are 2 big cheesy people, what can I say? ; ). What about my awesome hair!?

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