14 Sep 2010

Is it fall? | Kirkland, WA photographer

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I wonder how will I know when it is fall?  In AZ it went from hot to not so hot and then we knew that Halloween must be over.  : )  The other day the wind picked up and the chills started.  I rushed to grab a cute scarf that I never put to good use in AZ.  While in my closet digging through my “winter” bucket, I also grabbed my thermals and thought it to be a perfect opportunity to wear them!  I was cold, the wind was blowing, it was all a little too exciting so what was I to do?  Watch it from the window?

I changed, layered up, and squeezed back in to my jeans with an added layer beneath (and a thought that I should buy jeans that have room for that type of layering since they weren’t exactly comfortable).  I grabbed my camera, a book about lowland trails in the area, the children and husband, some water bottles and got in the car.  Then, the sun stopped playing her game and made herself visible.  I decided to play it safe and stay layered but later regretted that decision.  It warmed up and was a perfect scene for an afternoon walk.  While on the trail I could see different shapes and colors of leaves polka dotting our path.  It dawned on me that summer may be over and that this is the sign of fall…


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