31 Aug 2010

My daughter | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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My daughter is growing up so fast.  I miss those chubby cheeks that wow’d the doctors upon her arrival, I miss those tiny little chubby feet that never fit in any shoes, I miss that crazy mullet hair that only grew in the back but was nearly absent in the front, I miss those tiny little 6 month clothes that I could pick out without any consideration as to how she would feel, I miss folding those clothes, I miss wrapping her in a fluffy terry cloth towel after a bath, I miss seeing her stand up in crib when it was morning, I miss her first words that only I could understand and interpret, I miss watching daily as she grew and changed and learned…  the list goes on. 

Now, I get to enjoy the conversations about friends and school, the mommy/daughter dates that seem to be ever important, the nightly reading about Junie B. Jones and her shenanigans in school, shopping and appreciating her opinion, waiting in anticipation to see what kind of an outfit she put together for the day (she’s getting pretty darn good), playing games that bring on her giggles, utilizing her help to clean and cook whenever possible, watching the light bulb go on when she learns something new or completes something with pride, teaching her and learning from her (mostly learning), watching her swim and swim and swim and loving her swimming lessons… the list goes on. 

There is a guarantee-time doesn’t stop.  No matter the situation, time goes on.  Isn’t that strange? Not really, but sort of?  : )  Some days I want to freeze in time and those are the days that seem to go by the fastest and other days can’t seem to be over quick enough.  I can’t stop her from growing up-even to enjoy a perfect day for another hour.  She will continue to grow and learn and someday think that I’m not awesome (WHAT?) and then hopefully come back around to thinking I am awesome.  : ) 



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