17 Aug 2010

The archives | Queen Creek, AZ Photographer

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I love going back, reviewing the past.  I often find pictures that didn’t stick with me the first time I viewed them.  As I change, I find myself liking images that may not have impacted me on round one.  So, you can understand why round two (maybe three and four) is needed.  ; )  So, I remember being in this family’s backyard and while some of the members were putting on shoes or finalizing their last minute preparations for pictures, I took a stroll with the ones that were ready.   We were getting a grasp on lighting.  They were so accommodating and cooperative.  Maybe there was no pressure, they were simply allowing me to “get ready” for pictures.  Typically the bottom of shoes isn’t a pleasant view and maybe frowned upon (and possibly offensive in some cultures??) but aren’t rules made to be broken? : ) 



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