11 Aug 2010

More Beauty | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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In an effort to take a better look at my surroundings, I took my camera with the 50mm 1.4 attached and wandered.  I saw many things that made me wish I had a macro but I also saw many things that made me happy regardless of what lens I had.  I noticed color and detail, textures and lighting.  I felt so free (and like some landscape photographer) as I just had the intent of finding-just finding what was around me.  Sometimes, this is the best way to make friends with your camera or to love photography (or love it all over again).  There is beauty all around (not just when there’s love at home like the primary song sings) if we just look for it.  And, we never have to look far.  (notice my play with the watermark-or don’t.  I haven’t settled of course.  I am non-committal and fine with that for now.)

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