28 Jul 2010

Swimming in the lake | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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In a moment to get somewhat warm, he ran to the play center.  He looked right at me and gave me some typical goofy faces and smiles.  He knew what I wanted and in turn did what he usually does…  BUT, I missed those.  My camera had been switched to manual focus (thanks to my curious husband).  I was trying to get focused assuming it was on the auto focus and in the meantime, I could see the blur of smiles and goofiness.  I was bummed to miss it! I asked him to wait a second until I fixed up my camera and stole this shot as he was looking and waiting.  It was his usual look yet so unusual for the expected performance in front of the camera. 

I used my 70-200mm at 2.8.  You won’t believe this but guess what?  I love this lens.  It is heavier than my car but worth it when you get great bokeh.


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  1. Rachael says:

    Oh…I want to play with that lens so bad :) What a cutie!

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