28 Jul 2010

Summertime | Kirkland, WA Photographer

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What do feet have to do with summertime?  Well, thank you for asking!  To me, bare feet represent the essence of childhood and summertime.  I remember running around with no shoes, even to Circle K for treats after getting leaves out of my neighbors pool (Thanks for that by the way!).  The dirt, the grime, the constant wading into the pool, lake, beach, etc.  Who needs clean feet when shoes and shocks won’t be on them and chances are the water will clean them!  Who needs shoes in the summertime? It’s a sign- ready for fun, ready for the water, the heat…  The special thing about these feet is those cute little freckles on the bottom.  Have you ever looked at the bottoms of your feet?  I wonder if she even knows she has these?  :)


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