06 Jul 2010

Guest speaker| Queen Creek Photographer

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I have an announcement (is this sounding serious?)…  Lisa Heuer Photography has moved to  Kirkland, WA…. yes, Lisa Heuer Photography has a new location.  It isn’t like it scooted around the corner!  It is a big move with many adventures ahead!  I recently posted a little tidbit about my studio (that I love) and a perfect comment was made (thanks Jen!), “may it rest in peace.”  Oh, should I insert cry here or later?  It certainly is hard to make changes and leaving the studio behind was one of the hardest!

I have seen beauty before but the beauty here in WA is an everyday (blessing) thing.  The greenery, the rain, the water, the wetlands, the lake, the bridges, the trees, etc. are all so different than the brown and the cactus in AZ.  OK, don’t misread here (and certainly don’t put your own ending to my story) I love AZ and have only known AZ for many years but change is good, it feels good.  I’m not sure what my song and dance will be when it is December and I haven’t seen the sunshine for far too long and then February rolls around and still no sunshine…?  I will be keeping sessions in AZ (of course a good reason to visit) so if you are interested send me a note.  I will be updating here and through email the dates of AZ sessions so stay tuned.

Ok, the reason for my post-I was asked to be a guest speaker to a group of AZ women photographers.  What a privilege!  It was an honor to share with these ladies as well as learn from them!  I am so passionate about business and I love photography and I guess when you put those two together, I am one hot mess.  ; )  I can talk shop for hours and probably days so I am truly humbled that they would want to hear from me.  The ladies were fabulous! …and then I was featured  on Jess Leonard’s photo site. 

I really enjoyed sharing and learning!  Thanks ladies for inviting me to share and join you for the afternoon!

So off to getting settled I go!


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