01 Jul 2010

Another great read | Queen Creek Photographer

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Have I already mentioned this book?  I probably should go back and look but I like it so much that I am willing to talk about it again (if indeed, this is round 2)!  I read this (okay, honesty is getting to me… I bought the book on CD) at the beginning sometime of 2010 and I have listened to bits and pieces throughout the last few months.  I love to follow Melissa Jill, and she mentioned this book the other day.  It reminded me how awesome it really is.  If you are in the car for more time than you are able to read, buy it on CD and listen while you drive.  It’s better than trying to talk or text since that is dangerous anyway. : )

One of my 2010 goals was to read 3 books about the business.  So, another addition to the collection for 2010!


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