24 Jun 2010

Let’s Dance | Queen Creek Photographer

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THIS is why I love doing what I do…  Can you even look at these without smiling?  Sometimes goofy really is best.  Remember my thoughts about being REAL?  Can you argue or disagree with their cute little personalities?  They were getting ready for a recital and these little ladies needed to have pictures in their costumes. Sometime (soon) the costumes will be put away, their bodies will grow to the next costume and these days will be a faint memory that only a mother could describe.  It’s hard to imagine that these days will go by as some days feel long and full.  But, its true.  They grow up!  And, want to know the worst part?  Someday they will be “too cool” for this sort of goofiness.  Their portraits at that time will take on new meaning and it will be just as wonderful but definitely different.  In the meantime, let’s take advantage of the moments they share and give away!




3 Responses to “Let’s Dance | Queen Creek Photographer”

  1. Rachel Gallegos says:

    I love these pictures! I love Lisa Heuer’s work! I love the subject matter of this blog post, though I probably could be accused of being biased on that one. :)
    Thank you Lisa, for always capturing the individual personalities in my girls!

  2. lisa says:

    They are pretty darn cute girls! Thanks Rachel!

  3. Tia Tammy says:

    OH, Veronica and Paige, these are amazing Photos, you look Marvelous! I love them, and I love you.

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