22 Jun 2010

Blog Stats | Queen Creek Photographer

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What do your blog statistics mean to you? Have you heard the song Popular from the incredible Broadway show Wicked?  First thing: I love that show!  I could listen to the music over and over and over again but since that isn’t about photography, I had to find a way to connect it.  So, back to statistics… do you think, “Awesome, I am so popular?”  or not so popular?   ; )  Well, for real, when I look at my site statistics I think about that song because I wonder why I look?  What am I wanting to discover, change, or know?   I am not unlike the others; curious to know my traffic, curious to know how many stop-bys and how much time is being spent on this little thing- but why?  Why do we care?  Is it a popularity contest?  A curiosity to kill?  I have heard “content is king” but how much truth is behind that?  I know there are ways to increase visibility and much more…  Would we blog whether or not we had daily visitors or people contributing to conversation via comments?  What if we looked at our statistics and found no visitors?  Would we continue?  I am here to document, share my passion, and see growth and I suppose that means for myself and the possibility of others.  Why do you have a blog?  What is your purpose? What to you hope to do or change with your blog?   

I love to share what I am doing, show others what I can (or can’t) do, leave a mark in history. I hope that ranks or statistics don’t change your (or my) purpose! 


2 Responses to “Blog Stats | Queen Creek Photographer”

  1. Casia Fletcher says:

    Our purpose for our blog is to showcase our personalities and who we are as a individuals, a couple and a husband + wife biz team! We want our clients + soon to be friends to experience our passions and creative adventures. It’s a place to create, dream and be inspired. I would like to call it a virtual journal of our crazy lives :) If no one reads it then it’s just a way for me to document and re-visit our moments.

  2. lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing! Love it!

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