15 Jun 2010

Happy Trails? | Florida Photography

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I am reaching out to those in business (for themselves).  Let’s chat about the business path!  I heard something fantastic today!  A business owner told me, “I always complain to my wife that I am behind.  She responds by telling me I am doing something right to always have business.”  I thought about that.  I thought more about that.  She is right.  If you are in business and doing well, you will never be caught up!  You will continue to drive business so when one project is done, you have the next one waiting in the foyer.  : )  (kind of sounds like laundry… never ahead, always filling up what you have finished!)

I see these pictures and it reminds me of the paths we take in life or in business as we build up what we want to have waiting in our foyers… 

Are you on the straight path?  You know exactly where you are going and how to get there?  You have a clear view and although obstacles may get in the way, you are proactive and prepared?  Maybe you even have gutter guards so you don’t fall off?  ; )  Even on a cloudy day, you path in business is straight and unobstructed…  Maybe your peripheral vision isn’t the greatest since you are focused on the straight ahead?



Or maybe you are struggling and it seems like an uphill climb. You can’t really see what is ahead and maybe you don’t want to?  Or, you sort of like taking it a few steps at a time…  It’s not a clear path but an adventure!  Maybe you can see the top of the hill but the steps to get there seem a little scary?path2

Or maybe you like the round about path…  the path that eventually gets you where you want to be but learning along the way and taking all sorts of turns (both wrong and right) help you still continue in the direction you want to go.  Sometimes this path takes extra time but maybe you see more and learn more along the way?  This is the scenic route even if there isn’t much to see.  ; )path3 

I am a firm believer in continual growth regardless of your plan.  I try to not say never but I really want to use it here… we should never think we have it all down, know all there is to know and our path is complete.  Our paths change, our desires change and the seasons of life change.   Enjoy the journey!

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