04 Jun 2010

In The Moment | Queen Creek Photographer

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I was having some thoughts today as I was struggling to listen to my kids tell me all sorts of things about their day.  I realized they were asking questions and I was giving answers but I never heard the question.  Have you ever done this?  Please say I am not the only one.  Anyhow, one of the questions asked was, “Mom, when does Karate Kid come out to the movie theatres?”  My answer (and the ah-hah moment that I was NOT in the moment) was, “Tomorrow.”  What was I talking about?  I had no idea!  I was just talking because I was hearing talking with a slight influx of the voice and a pause which typically means it is time to answer one of the million questions being asked.  (I was caught when the next question was, “really, tomorrow?”  Then I had to stop and realize what I had done and ask her to repeat the question. Embarrassing?)

I was sad.

I wanted to erase what was swimming in my mind.  I wanted to delete the other responsibilities in my life and really be MOM at that moment.  I wanted the kids to count on me being honest with a open ear.  I wanted to make a conscious effort to be In The Moment with each hat that I wear.  I want to be In The Moment when I photograph, I want to be In The Moment when I teach, I want to be In The Moment when I mother, etc.  Should I add that to my 2010 goals?  Oh, when is the cutoff date for new year’s resolutions and goals?  Did I miss that memo?  : )

I am always after the real stuff.  I want people to be In The Moment.  I want to capture their true interactions and real emotions.  Lately, I have been loving my 70-200 2.8 lens so I can get a little further away (hide I suppose) and get those real moments.  There is some pressure when being in front of the camera, a pressure to perform.  The closer I am, the more pressure.  I have tried to back up and I like that experience.  Ya know, I am always changing (learning and growing) and by challenging the way I do things, new worlds open up!

Here, a mother truly being In The Moment with her daughter.  This was in between some pictures I was doing-I turned to see this and tucked myself in a corner so I could capture its realness.  To me, it is a beautiful, real “In The Moment” type moment!


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  1. Camie Burgi says:

    I love this Lisa! You have no idea what the conversation is about or if the little girl is even happy or sad.. But you can make up your own story about what is taking place between this mother and daughter. The possibilities are endless. You continue to amaze me with your genuine love for what you do.

  2. lisa says:

    Cami, thank you so much for the compliment! You have made my day (week, month, and year). I love to get feedback… Thanks again!

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