14 May 2010

Real moments | Queen Creek Photographer

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Well, so long are the days of, “sit and say cheese” and thank goodness for that!  Don’t you think this is more of a natural look?  : )  It may be funny but true.  This represents stages in a family life.  I love pulling pictures from past photo sessions.  Things stand out differently after time has passed.  During this session, he was simply not interested in sitting by the family-probably because we were asking him to.  Well, looking back, this is one of my favorites since it tells time, tells the story!  You can assume he is pouting and mom and dad are trying not to be frustrated.  I’m not sure if they were bribing with ice cream at this point or not.  ; ) 

If I could let each family know the importance of real moments, I would use this as an example.  It is ok for children to be not quite on board with the moment.  It usually stems from a little “pre-session” stress when mom is trying to get everybody dressed, running out the door, forgetting something, and all along the way reminding the children to hurry so, “we won’t be late.”  Then, when the moment comes and the camera comes out, they have their own way of expressing their dissatisfaction with the process.  Sometimes kids don’t like me before they have even arrived… no fair.  My goal is to change that, to interact, to enjoy the moment.  My goal is to capture a unique moment for the family, a moment that shares real feelings.  Enjoy being a family and know that this picture will be the one remembered.  One like this sums up the entire session.  One more thought-I would love to walk in a home and see this- a large printed version!  Nobody has this kind on their wall but its original, its real. 


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