13 May 2010

How much is that doggie… | Queen Creek Photographer

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Oscar is the nicest dog I know.  I used to be a dog lover/owner myself but since then I have grown away from my love of dogs-weird, I know.  I suppose when you live with them and serve them by feeding and cleaning up poo, you can’t help but be a dog lover.  Anyhow, I do love a cute puppy and I love to play with them but I am not dying to own a dog again (unlike my daughter who is begging for a dog for her birthday…  she says she doesn’t want anything but a dog, not even a cake).  Back to Oscar.  He is kind, gentle and obedient.  You can’t ask for much more from a dog!  I will call myself the dog grandparent because I can play and enjoy their companionship but I can walk away without the responsibility of raising it and caring for it.  Yep, that is the type of dog relationship I enjoy.  Even Oscar can’t change my opinion (today).


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