10 May 2010

Changes for those summertime pictures

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You will just have to watch this!  I found this a bit ago and then was reminded of its awesomeness this morning on one of the photography forums I participate in. It is a great tutorial about several Photoshop tools BUT it is hilarious too.  Who needs to diet anymore?  Sorry that the picture for the page is a picture of ummm, well her backside but maybe it draws your attention a bit more?  All I can think about is how this woman feels with her picture being used as the example?  Maybe she is completely unaware and was just out for a fun day at the beach?  Go. Watch. Learn!


One Response to “Changes for those summertime pictures”

  1. Jennifer Wyeth says:

    Don’t you love this? i watched it last week and thought “why can’t I just do that to my real body? why does it have to be so hard in real life?” Oh well…

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