29 Apr 2010

Play time at the park | Chandler Photography

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Thanks to these little ones, I have discovered some fun play time at Tumbleweed Park in Chandler.  I didn’t even know this play structure existed.  I also didn’t even know that it could be so hot in April!  I got lots of exercise chasing them around with my 200 pound camera with my 70-200 lens attached (or maybe it was more like 400 lbs).  Nichole was ready for a snapshot at any moment-like she had been watching the movies and studying the moves of those being photographed.  She pivoted, turned her head, straightened her back, popped out her hip, etc.  It was a riot!  I loved to watch her catch the camera pointed at her. Then there was Joe who was jumping, climbing, running and hiding like the camera didn’t exist.  I hope to always be young at heart!


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