23 Apr 2010

Learning about straight out of the camera (sooc) | Queen Creek Photographer

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After a conversation yesterday with Kelli of France Photography we were both pretty determined to get our custom functions just the way we want them.  In the process we got curious about picture styles in our 5D Mark II.  Today, I put it to the test so I could know what changes when I select a different picture styles and what happens when I adjust the contrast, color, saturation, etc. in the camera.  The results…

sooc sooc2This type of conversation (what is considered sooc) was also being discussed on a forum lead by the awesome Wendy Schultz and the recommendation was given to shoot raw+jpg and then compare side by side.  Turns out that those adjustments, changing the picture style, ONLY affect jpg images.  If you shoot in RAW, you won’t see different picture styles (as far as I can see- wouldn’t you agree though?), but you do have the power to make those adjustments in Lightroom, ACR, etc.  If you shoot in jpg, you will see the difference. For the images above, I chose the standard style, boosted the contrast to +3 and boosted the saturation to +3 and changed the color tone to +2.  I obviously boosted the saturation a bit on the ridiculous side of things but I wanted to make sure I could clearly see a difference.  Check out that turquoise sky.  : )  Oh and btw, how about the name of the business!!??  If you are wanting to shop at this store, which I don’t blame you if you do, you simply need to visit Superior, AZ. 

Love to learn!  So, the morale of my story is… if shooting in jpg, registering different picture styles is worthwhile!

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