20 Apr 2010

The Deli | Queen Creek Photography

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This may not have much to do with photography but my lunch the other day was delicious and since I had my camera with me I took a picture of their menu.  Have you ever been to The Deli?  If you haven’t, it is certainly time for you to try them out!  There are so many things I love about them, where do I possibly start?  I love their unique combinations to create awesome dishes!  I love that they use local vendors!  I love that their logo, their design, their restaurant and all that they represent is simple, clear and direct.  I love their chicken/corn chowder soup.  I love their napkins.  I love their jar of utensils on the table.  I absolutely love their bruschetta!  I love that they are tucked in a strange place but need not worry because their food and service brings in a crowd!  I love their ice cream.  Shall I continue?  ; )  We have enjoyed our dates there, both with friends and as a couple.  They are located on San Tan Blvd. east of Power Rd.  Go try it out!


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