03 Apr 2010

Design Stash | Queen Creek Photography

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This is post overload but I couldn’t help myself.  If you were in the room with this cutie, I would argue that you would do the same thing with your photos.  Anyhow, back to my story… Brooke at Design Stash is the one behind these accessories.  Ha!  No, Brooke is not in the basket and literally behind these-the is the creator and designer.  She is super talented and if you go check out her Etsy site, you will see that these are only a few of the many awesome things she creates!  Brooke has an amazing mind and her ideas are incredible.  You should see the way she can draw horses and stables (ok, a bit of an inside joke here-BUT she can draw!)  I’m so excited about her business and wish that I had someone to adorn with her stash!

These pictures are for her site gallery and her little darling was our model.  She was PERFECT.  She seemed so excited to be the star.  She was very giddy at moments and so excited, other times she was completely under control and ready for the next snap.  She is already helping her mom with a business at such a young age!   So here goes the largest post (with pictures) since the beginning of this site!

designStash9designStash3 designStash2designStash8 designStash7 designStash6 designStash5 deesignStash4

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