30 Mar 2010

Portraits | Queen Creek Photography

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It is rare that I get a chance to do adult portraits (as opposed to children/newborn).  Children are growing and we want to capture their every move, every look, and every step along the way.  What about us-the adults?  Adults have stories to tell too, we change and grow up and wouldn’t it be nice to capture it-as if we are just as important?  : )  So, this portrait session was different-we started out with a goal of a business headshot but we ventured out and had some fun.  We wanted to capture who she was at this moment in time-her style, her smile, and those fun boots.  I was inspired to try and encourage more “adults” to take the time to photograph themselves.  BUT, I know the next problem-what to do with the photos?  Nowadays, there is social media all over…  not only do we have social media as a place to display updated pictures but we can do books, albums, image boxes or a simple slideshow for keepsakes.  I say GO FOR IT!  Schedule a fun photoshoot!  If you have children, your kids will love looking back and seeing that you too were pretty darn snazzy and cute!  Just sayin’


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