25 Mar 2010

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This is my little one.  She is missing the peace sign here.  She loves to sneak that in pictures nowadays…  She looks so calm and willing to cooperate.  Do you have kids that hate to take pictures?  I will consider these kids spoiled-lucky them they get somebody wanting to take pictures of them all the time, tons of their life documented.  To them, it is a big pain in the neck.  Here, we are in the studio but using the natural light from open windows.  This front room has been a fabulous place to call “studio”.  I can practice any time and I am lucky!


Another favorite with her!  I may have already posted this but you can never have too much of smiling fun!  These girls were perfect angels for about 5 minutes.  Then, the photos were boring and going to the park sounded like a much better idea.  Few of them could have continued the photoshoot for hours but my daughter led the negative crowd.  She started pouting and got impatient.  I am so glad that at least one was a keeper.  I have since purchased a 40×30 print for her room.  These girls have been dear friends to her since she was about 2 yrs old.  In this picture, I again used the window light (as you can see to the far left) and used some flash.  scarf

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