20 Mar 2010

Following Directions | Queen Creek Photography

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I have lots on my mind.  First, I often wonder how I get from place to place because I am ALWAYS looking around for cool spots to take amazing pictures.  I get to a stop sign and wonder what I have passed.  Dangerous?  probably!  Second, my sister mentioned that nobody watches my slideshow (I probably should agree since it isn’t loaded fast and isn’t flash and isn’t like my old site) and suggested that I put my favorite pictures here in the blog so they are on record as part of my “gallery”.  BTW, do you like this form of gallery?  I suppose a gallery and blog may be overkill?  So, I am combining them into one.  Hopefully someday soon, I will rename the tab to be gallery/blog.  Third, this picture is one of my fav’s too.  I love the shoes, their smirky smiles (because they were doing everything in their power to run from me and I CAUGHT them) and I LOVE this location.  It isn’t for everybody I suppose.  It is an old crackly building on Ocotillo.  Not much of the building is showing because with these two you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit (what I always tell my kids).  I loved the subject which was most important!


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