23 Feb 2010

Darling Pai… That’s her nickname! | Queen Creek, AZ Photography

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This is my niece, Paisley.  She is beautiful BUT she doesn’t like me.  When she sees me, she often goes the other way or CRIES.  I still have not won her affection BUT that’s ok… someday she will like me.  We are taking care of her this week and she had quite the scene when it was time to leave with me but the minute we left her neighborhood, the crying stopped, the talking started.  Since then, she has been fine.  She is having great fun with my kids and we love having her here!  She is low key and low maintenance!  Its perfect for this crazy mix.  Anyhow, I am working on some lighting assignments and I was able to coax her next to the window with a sucker.  : )  Anything to get some good pictures! 

paisleyBoard  paisleyBoard2

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