28 Jan 2010

Photoshop it

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Ever said or heard the term, “…just photoshop it!” !  I hear it daily and when doing a photo session, I hear it at least three times in an hour.  It is a common term because of a misconception. I am here to tell the truth about Photoshop…  everything takes thought, time and talent (and money). The world has turned to Photoshop (PS), our culture depends on it.  If we didn’t have PS, how could cosmetics sell, how could print ads/beauty articles make money?  PS is used to make the plain and simple look amazingly beautiful.  Watch this from YouTube and you will see what I mean… (pay particular attention to the second half)  Dove Evolution

So you noticed that the first part is all about hair and make-up and lighting, then came the photo session.  It is after the photo session that PS was put to work…  Her eyebrows were changed, her neck grew, her lips became fuller, eyes wider/larger and her hair darker and thicker.  There in lies the misconception-everything can be done, created/changed in Photoshop.  While that may hold true, somehow the value has been diminished.  What exactly does that mean when somebody says those three words?  Does our world know PS as a “fix” so we all start to use the term, “Photoshop it” meaning fix it… make me look thinner, make me look beautiful, make that not so green grass look lush and scenic, etc.?  As you saw in the movie, things were fixed but were they ever broken?  What was wrong with her real beauty?  What is wrong with real beauty?  (topic for another day, I suppose)

In PS, there are layers upon layers upon layers…  actions and more actions.  PS is amazing and the things that can be done are amazing.  Creating is something photographers love to do-its why we are behind the camera, whether we work with PS or not.  Some PS users complete their style with PS, adding textures, colors, etc.  What I am talking about is the reliance on PS as a means to create/complete a photo.  Nowadays, those simple words, “just Photoshop it” are said as if it is a simple change, a click on the mouse or a moment in time.  The assumption is that PS will make XYZ better…  PS is still a skill, a learned process with many errors and mistakes.  Photoshop takes a lifetime to learn and while you are spending your lifetime learning it, things are changing behind and ahead of you.  : )  PS is truly an wondrous tool and it can add so much (or take away so much if you don’t know what you are doing ) to an image.  Those using PS will agree that if you are working on an image you truly care about, it takes time and more time!

So, what am I ranting and raving about?  Good question!  : )  I want the term “Photoshop it” to be used less often or the realization of what it means.  I want the non-PS users to know that everything in PS is not easy, just open it up and you will see.  I want all to value true beauty.  I want others to value the time it takes to “just Photoshop it.”   Here is what comes to mind when I think of “just photoshop it”-a quick fix or change.  : )  This poor girl, if she only knew what I just did to her picture.  ; )  Actually, in the second photo, it looks like she might know…


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