27 Jan 2010

Images on disk… sitting on your shelf

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So, you hired a professional photographer.  Why?  Maybe you wanted awesome photos that you are unable to do all by yourself, or you wanted to be in the photos, or everybody else is doing it, or you want some new wall art, or you want to capture memories, etc.  Then, you couldn’t decide which photos you wanted because you loved several of them.  Since you couldn’t decide (and maybe you weren’t sure of what to do with them) you bought the disk (because certainly you made sure prior to the appointment that the photographer would sell the disk to you-an important feature for you!).  So, you have the disk now, Yabba Dabba Doo!  But three months later, you still only have the disk, yippee.  Then that busy time passed so now you are determined to do SOMETHING with those images but another 6 weeks pass.  Now your budget has been allocated in another direction, you forgot about the disk and found it sitting on the shelf when cleaning out your work station.  It has now been 6+ months since the photo session and you open the disk.  You are disappointed to realize that your family has changed: youngest grew, you lost weight, you are planning on another baby soon, and you are moving.  The pictures that you once loved and paid lots of money for have lost personal value and are now not as exciting.  The work that goes into getting everything ordered seems overwhelming and time consuming.  As a matter of fact, in order to get the next Christmas cards out, you will be scheduling a new photo session in 3 months.  So, now you wonder, “What is the point?”

Ever heard of the books  Choose Your Own Adventure?  Want to play that way where I state different endings and you choose which one you want to follow?  If the above scenario isn’t exactly your situation BUT you do have a disk of images on your shelf, than this is for you!

This is a digital world.  I understand that!  Everyone wants digital copies of their images, me included.  But what I have yet to figure out is WHY?  Why do we want them?  Do we have the intention of ordering prints?  Making a book?  Putting them in the safe deposit box, reviewing them in years to come?  I am sure that everybody’s “why” is different.  So, help me think through the print reason.  So, you purchase the disk (which was in excess of $300) and you are heading to a inexpensive print place and you’re going to get 5 prints (that is all you really have room for).  So, now you have paid for the whole disk and the prints.  You forgot about the cost of framing…  I wonder if you would have saved money to just order the 5 prints, mounted or framed and ready to hang?  I realize that it is difficult to walk away from or NOT purchase the disk because it has EVERYTHING!  All the images, good and bad, from your experience.  It provides the outtakes from the photo session!  It has images that you may never print but you liked them.  I am guilty for this very thing, which led me to write this.  I loved several images.  I couldn’t decide.  I bought the disk and now my disk sits on my desk.  I used two images on my Christmas card but please tell me that I didn’t pay that much for two images on a Christmas card that now sits in everyone’s trash cans.  Something to think about!

This year, I am including a free Pre-Session Consultation.   We will discuss important things such as clothing and location but also we will talk about what the heck you want to do with your photos so you know what you want. I don’t want a photo session to mean spending lots of money and doing nothing with the money you spent.  (I actually get disheartened when I know that the photos I felt passionate about and was excited to see hanging on your walls are still on a disk on a shelf.)  I want to see the walls you want to adorn.  Maybe you need updated business cards, greeting cards, books and albums, etc. then we will discuss that as well.  I want it to be a custom experience for you-something that you haven’t experienced in the past.

Have you ever thought through all this before?  Do you call up a photographer, make an appointment without being completely certain of what you need the photos for?  You just know you need them because it’s been a year or more…  and maybe you need Christmas cards.  Or do you call knowing that you need four 16×16 photos to hang in the new baby room and a cluster of family photos for your mantel?

So, let’s go back up to Choose Your Own Adventure…  You hired a photographer -I’ll be presumptuous and say its me : )-because you wanted to be in the photos with your family and you couldn’t do them all by yourself.  (this time you had a pre-session consultation).  You can’t decide on which photos you love (and seemingly want them all again) but then you remember the plan…  you stick to your plan and select the images that you will be hanging in your home, the image for your Christmas card, a portrait box to showcase ALL your photos from the session and order a session slideshow so you can still cherish all the memories.  You place the order and sit back and let me do all the work.  (that’s the nice part)  Your products are in hand, pictures hung, and you play the DVD over and over again with your family and any unsuspecting visitors.  The DVD is getting so much more use than a disk of images.  You have accomplished the things you set out to do when you hired a photographer.  The best part, you stayed within your budget and spent your money on exactly what you wanted. 

OR, you can’t decide on which photos so you purchased the disk and decided to take care of all your own prints.  Several weeks later, you still haven’t placed the order.  : )  You think of a plan but have yet to put the plan in action.  I’m just sayin’  ; )

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