21 Jan 2010

Time away

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Whenever I have time away from the computer (a necessary evil) I have a chance to evaluate, consider, think and be excited all over again.  Sometimes too much thinking is well, just too much.  : )  But we went away on vacation without laptop and camera, technically I had the camera but weather did not permit its use. I managed to bring it along on one day’s adventure but the rain was so bad I decided to leave it back at the hotel.  Anyhow, when I am here-“in the office” I get locked on what am I supposed to be doing, how behind am I on stuff and keeping up with all of it.  When away, I have to let go.  I can’t be where I am not and I can’t do what I cannot.  So, back at the day, still in my PJ’s I am playing catch up to nothing but my own expectations and assignments!  Funny how that happens!  I am glad to be back, sitting here and feeling inspired all over again.

I am still pulling pictures from last year’s stuff.  I probably will since my blog was nothing short of shameful last year.  I wanted to start new so I am pretending like this is the first time it is out there!  I have reserved January as the month to work on the business, not in the business.  I am all about proactive (try to be), not reactive.  I wanted to have systems in place, stuff in order so I can continue to run the rest of my life and not let this and everything else run me.  It is a work in process and something on my mind most of the time but I am excited about what I have been able to address and accomplish in January. 


This… it was all Todd.  We were dying to get some emotion out of him.  His face was stationary in what he thought was the perfect smile for family photos.  He was doing a fairly good job.  : )  I was hoping to see something more and it happened when I asked him what else he wanted to do or what else he had in mind.  He got his family on board, lined them up and finally something real was shown on his face (and everyone else’s).   In this photo, you can just see the kids thinking he is a little funny and there is Courtney barely agreeing to his cleverness.  In the end, I think this is what they wanted, not the first 30 minutes…


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