14 Jan 2010

Where’s the perfect camera bag?

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I have been on the hunt!  I am trying to find a camera bag that can do the following:

  • look awesome
  • lightweight
  • hold my camera and a few lens
  • sleek and slim
  • lots of pockets

I do have a few bags in my arsenal but none of them fit the role.  So let me explain:


1. This is a Tamrac bag and I will tell you the good and the bad.  What is better to know first?  Good or bad.  OK, let’s start off with the bad.  It isn’t super cute.  The pockets on the front of the bag, just behind the front flap don’t hold much.  Maybe just a cell phone or something just as slim.  Anything larger will prevent the bag from being able to close.  Bummer.  Another bad is the Velcro strips that hold the section dividers on the inside aren’t sewn to the very edge so when you take your lens in and out, it gets caught on those strips.  Very frustrating, especially if you have the hood on.  One more bad characteristic is the front flap.  I understand why it’s there but if it could be a bit deeper with a quicker zip on the top it would be so much easier to get and out of (then the flap could be the final touch).  The problem is, when the flap is open it is in the way and the camera loose lens are not safe since they sit slightly above the opening.  Ok, the good…  I love the messenger style so I can sling it across my body!  It can slide on the handle of a roller suitcase.  Very cool! It is thin(ner) than my chunky backpack style.  I love that it stands up by itself when I set it down.

2. This is a Shootsac and here’s the good…  The color! (you can buy several different colors but I love green)  The stretchy fabric! it is like a wetsuit fabric.  It forms to your body when you wear it slung across your chest! AND you can use one of the 6 lens pockets to hold a bottle of water, its perfect!  I don’t love that it doesn’t stand up if I ever need to set it down.  I hate that I can’t put my camera in it…  if you take this with you on vacation, you need something separate for the camera, it only holds lens.  I like to keep the hood on my lens and it doesn’t fit in the lens compartment even though it is a stretchy fabric.  : )

3. This is a LowerPro backpack style.  Bad: Another not super cute bag.  It is VERY RARE that I need to take all my stuff with me, so this is overdoing it a bit.  It has all sorts of cords and stuff handing off it (to secure a tripod or something) which get tangled and in my way.  Good: it holds all my stuff.  : )  it carries my laptop, and I can carry it on my back making it easy to travel.

4. Last but not least…  : )  This is no camera bag.  This is my bag that I take with me when I head over to Scrapbooks, Etc. to make cards.  It holds scissors, glue, punches, more scissors and other doodads.  I pulled this out today and thought, “hmmm, it is light weight.  It stands up by itself.  It keeps my lens organized (if I were to put lens in it).  I could hold my camera since the dividers are removable. It is simple, slim and sleek, I love the colors… It certainly is cute.”

Then, I got real.  Even though I am desperate to find a bag I love, I would say it lacks a little protection!  What if I have to slam on my brakes with this sitting on the front seat? :)  Lens and camera crap everywhere is what I see happening!  I don’t think I am asking much, but I also realize that one bag doesn’t fit every need and occasion.  So, I will stick with a simple travel bag.  Just me, my camera (with a lens attached) and one extra lens.  That is what I will try to accommodate.  I will even leave my flash, grey card, light meter, and who knows what else at home. 

I’m on a mission (and I have heard about Crumpler bags…)  if you can help, please share!

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  1. angie says:

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE our Shootsac’s they are so easy and our lenses are so accessible:)

  2. lisa says:

    I do love my Shootsac but what about my camera? Maybe if one pocket was as tad bigger???? : )

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