12 Jan 2010

Taking what I can

Kids, Portraits 2 Comments

When you are at the beach and camera in hand, no only are you constantly worrying about something happening to the little precious (I need to name mine but haven’t come up with something yet) but there is opportunity to snap so much…  Well, this little one (who happens to be my daughter) was tired of the pictures and lowered her head anticipating that I would put the camera down.  But I liked what I saw.  Then I realized that the picture is probably better this way than showing a sour face.  Is that rude to say?  Well, it’s been said.  : )


2 Responses to “Taking what I can”

  1. Lydia Shannon says:

    Hey Lisa! I’m one of your FrancyPants classmates :) Wow, this picture is so beautiful. You are completely right that it wouldn’t have been the same with her looking. You should have this somewhere HUGE in your house. I just LOVE it!

  2. lisa says:

    Thanks for the comment! She is usually very confident and well, I’ll just say it-sassy! Seeing this angle makes her seem so sweet. ; ). I do love it but since it is my daughter, it’s a biased opinion. Thanks again!!!

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